Glorious Goodwood Revival

Last weekend we had the privilege of an invited entry to Goodwood Revival.  My son had a last minute offer of a ride in the Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy Race.  This event is 3 days of pure vintage magic and we hadn’t been for 7 years so we expected some changes.

There is a an expected level of attention to detail with anything that the Goodwood team do and we were not disappointed.  However what makes this event so special is the amount of Audience participation with the majority of visitors and competitors dressing the part in vintage outfits.  Within the circuit itself there is no post 1966 vehicles allowed once the set up is complete on the Wednesday this means all transporters and campers are in the Field Paddocks across the road.  Never will you see so many swish enormous motor homes and transporters with vintage caravans and NAAFI tents between!   Apparently Noel Edmonds was our neighbour but he never called round.

This will give you an idea of how far we had to walk every day to get out the paddock  (or to the loo in the middle of the night) and the same again into the circuit, hence the blisters.

Dressed for the day framed in the door of our nearly vintage (read Tatty) caravan

First walk into the paddock and we passed through the Goodwood Market all lovely stalls selling appropriate vintage wares and some familiar names

Retro Tesco’s selling Double Diamond 4 packs for £2.50! well it would be rude not to wouldn’t it?  They also had shelves filled with retro packaging brought back some memories.  Alongside was a retro Kenwood shop and Biba

All the phone boxes were cash machines and everywhere there were Jive bands with people dancing and singing trios

As competitors we had access to the Rolex Hospitality which is themed like a gentleman’s club in the foyer with leather sofas and then the Mess Tent where they serve endless meals and refreshments all day for 3 days.

Watching the bikes in the Mess tent on a Bakerlite TV (was actually waiting for phone to charge on handy gang extension I spotted under it)  Note that even the prams went retro, all the mum’s I asked said they were a joy to use.

The entry to the hospitality is always themed and this year it was very An English Patient with desert rats and planes and of course camels

oh and the odd celebrity, Belstaff  Boy Ewan McGregor was there of course supporting the Motorcyclists fraternity.

The view from the ‘front lawn’ of the hospitality is pretty special too.  Duffy came to watch some planes and there were more F1 drivers past and present than you could throw a stick at.  Don’t like to take photos without permission in there as they are expecting some privacy so you’ll have to take my word for it.

These are dapper friends of ours Uncle Jim and Terry

My Sunday outfit please note the flat shoes, oh my poor feet!

The main attraction of the Front Lawn are the planes, Mustangs, Spitfires, Lancasters all performing stunning displays throughout the weekend.

Now the reason for the weekend was the Bikes and the racing.  This is the picture that made the Daily Telegraph website of our Sam running to take the bike  (no. 23)  off 2x TT winner Ian Duffers for his Le Mans style start.

The Beautiful Arthur’s Chicks who were the Promo girls of the weekend, Stirling job ladies!

True professional she couldn’t accept a coat for a borrow in the Sunday Chill, Sam was prepared to keep her warm though.

Some views from our viewing station stop the pits.

Great new event Pedal car race featuring some up and coming youngsters, commentated on by Murray Walker was really fun.

Some post race posing Sam with James Hayden and Richard Ellis

Sam’s generous bike owner  Graham Austin who was well pleased with the weekend result.  Sam and Ian finished 9th which was pretty impressive with such a large field.

The Full field of the Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy Race Goodwood Revial 2012

…and the final detail, signing the tank for posterity

Here’s hoping to go again some day, with a little more notice for getting those all important outfits together.


6 Go to Milan..or..The bag that never was and the well travelled Little Red Skirt

Unless you have been living in a cave for the last month you will have heard that I and 5 lovely girls went to Milan for 2 days, ostensibly to see Take That but actually we went because we could!! When friends asked “who are you going with” and I answered ” some people I met on Twitter” their faces were a picture! but for all those cynics who think Social Networking is a waste of time read on.  Of course children, I had met up with 2 members of the party previously and the remainder were their friends and relatives.

The journey began with a 5:oo am start and short drive to Mel Anderson’s house (a quick introduction to her lovely sister Justine) and a trip down to Luton Parkway listening to the lovely Caro emerald (who would have thought that the exit was on the same floor as the car hey Mel?) then train to Gatwick  (when we eventually decided to wait on the right platform,enough said, you know who you are) with all the poor sad people going to work (what is it about London Commuting that sucks the soul and manners out of people?) and at last! the airport and tweetup with Tia Lush and new friend Amanda Crowther.  Trolley bags in convoy (no hold luggage to maximise exit times) we were off!! well as far as Duty Free to start with, I needed new Sunglasses.  After a short flight (note to self..Don’t sit next to Justine on a flight,very nervous flier poor girl, Mel still has the bruises!)

Landing in 32C heat we had then to catch transfer bus to other terminal (a mile away! + mad Italian driver = several queasy passengers), a double decker train (very novel), and Metro into Milan City Centre..  and meet up with last member of group the lovely  Sharn Gill , Oh and I managed to shop in the Metro station for a top to go with the Little Red Skirt I picked up for a song last week but had nothing to go with it!

(Never did wear it, the beads flew off the neckline all round Hotel bedroom!)

A very long hot day, we all needed showers and I was last in.  Now, if you see a pull cord in a bathroom with no notice on it, what are you going to do? yes, I did… 5 mins later irate hotel man asking who was in dire peril as the warning light was flashing behind reception?!  OOps!  Mel then asked him for ice (well while he was there may as well make himself useful) showing him the Champagne she had wrestled from Duty Free, which rolled out the fridge taking the wobbly shelf with it which promptly shattered  “50 Euros Signora” he barked (Not on your Nelly we thought!) oh and the air conditioning was a cold radiator!

Rested, we headed out for dinner, Sharn had already been out for a walk and picked out a bag for closer inspection.  We headed for the main square and the beautiful Duomo  and surrounding Arcade for dinner

Day 2 was reserved for shopping, and lots of it! Surprisingly there was a good mixture of price ranges on the Main Buenos Aires shopping street, from the expected high end designer shops to cheap and cheerful which still somehow had more style than in Britain. Hats, dresses and Handbags were bought  and a lovely lunch in a ‘buy by the kilo’ pizza deli type shop.

Siesta, then off for early pre show dinner.  The stadium was a typical football venue, with, shall we say, “basic” rest room facilities (So glad I didn’t need them)   Pet Shop Boys were already on stage when we arrived

As half the nation over 30 have been to this show somewhere in Europe you’ll forgive the lack of photos as you know what it looked like.  I was never a Take That fan in the Boy Band days but loved Robbie’s solo years and that was the highlight of the show for me.  He is such a modest, shy retiring young man you can’t help but love him.  Can you believe that the woman sat behind us complained when we stood up to dance?  Oh and it managed to rain for 10 minutes during the set luckily we were under cover, it didn’t make it any cooler though.

My outfit for the concert was the first dress I have made in years.  Having recently begun to shed some weight (1 and 3/4 stone to date) I have rediscovered an interest in clothes and I ran this little number up, Lovely simple pattern that I adapted with the help of Lycra to not need a zip !

After the concert 78,000 people tried to get into the nearest Metro Station for what we later realised was the last train!  Luckily we made it on (see Tia’s facebook comments about my ‘original Bums Rush’)and had to walk the last bit back to the hotel, well planned Italian Infrastructure! And so to bed for all of 2 hours sleep (non for  poor Sharn who had an even earlier flight home) before very expensive taxi to airport and home. Oh and we didn’t pay for the fridge shelf!

Here are the girls (sorry Sharn don’t know where you were when I took this)

Left to right Justine, Tia, Mel and Amanda, thanks girls for a lovely, hilarious, jam packed few days.  So where next then? you see I’ve finished the Weekender bag I had planned to take (so glad I went with wheels now, all those stairs and escalator!)  and it needs an outing all of its own.

Want one? Let me know:)

Pattern used with kind permission of Lisa Lam of  X

My ‘Other’ job

Those who follow me on twitter will have heard me mention that I’ve been putting in a few hours at my part time job at my family’s nursery.  As it was also my dear Dad’s 80th Birthday this week I thought I would share a few pictures with you.

The nursery is set within the original walled garden of the Meynell Family estate between Kirk Langley and Kedleston, in fact the estate sits back to back with Kedleston Hall. My Granddad originally took over the nursery when it was still very much geared to supplying the ‘big house’ but over the years and under my Dad’s guidance it became a market garden supplying fresh salad produce and cut flowers to Derby’s wholesale market. The business expanded into bedding plants ,shrubs,and perennials all grown on the premises and we now grow innumerable varieties in every colour of the rainbow and we refill over a thousand customers hanging baskets each year so we must do something right.  Today the business is shared between my brother and my parents who both still work full time.

So the season for me starts around the end of  March and with a little luck I get to see our lovely ancient peach trees in full blossom,   the bees have to be out early to pollinate and so far its looking like we shall have fresh peaches again this year.

Beautiful meconopsis betonicifolia Himalayan Blue Poppy, one of the first shows of colours in the perennials.

The shrub area showing the original Victorian garden wall with the Gardeners cottage built into it, nothing like living over the job.

Dad’s birthday coffee break, a well earned sit down and traditional cream cake coffee break! He got lots of cards and a extraordinary meeting of the East Midlands Growers group who came for a scheduled ‘walk round’ my brothers trials garden and to wish him a happy birthday (another post I think)

Coffee breaks are usually more like this!

my two spaniels and their ‘cousins’

Today was my first day doing basket refills….

…my bench with all my plants conveniently to hand and the recycled fibre lining we use..

and my first effort of the year, hopefully I’ll remember to take another picture when it’s established in a couple of weeks.

We put over 25 plants in a standard 14″ basket, plenty of colour for the entire summer..

To sign off, I painted this little watercolour of the garden wall you can see in the above picture for my Dad for his birthday.  I had an old photo of the border full of self sown Foxgloves one of my favourite flowers..

If you want to visit the nursery here is the website, they are open 7 days a week April, May and June 8:30 to 5:00 Monday through Saturday, 10:00 to 4:00 on Sunday’s.  Say hi if your visiting, I’d say tweet me but the one downside of the beautiful location is no 3G signal.

Paper Play today

I have tried all manner of crafts over the years, but the only one I have never bonded with is card making.  Even so I have amassed many papers and stamps over the years that sit idly berating me for lack of use.  I cannot resist the beautifully co-ordinated packs of papers.  Today I had a brain wave, rather than use the papers for card making (which I will leave to those who do it so much better than I), I would “model” with the paper. a little research and a stencil template and voila!!  (I confess I did have to buy yet more papers.. just in case! )

Paper Cup Cakes

Paper Cup Cakes

Cup Cakes

Cup Cakes 2


I have been hearing a green woodpecker ‘laughing’ in my garden in the last week, today I spotted him clinging to a tree being watched by one of my many cats.  Its a poor picture but I was on maximum zoom through a window

Not two minutes later the daft bird flew to the ground and the cat nearly got it.   Luckily it got away, wonder if it will come back?

Hello world!

This is my first post on my new blog.  I hope to be able to share with you some of my many ideas some practical and some probably ludicrous, patterns, recipes, tricks of the trade, and thoughts and meanderings  on many topics close to my heart.