6 Go to Milan..or..The bag that never was and the well travelled Little Red Skirt

Unless you have been living in a cave for the last month you will have heard that I and 5 lovely girls went to Milan for 2 days, ostensibly to see Take That but actually we went because we could!! When friends asked “who are you going with” and I answered ” some people I met on Twitter” their faces were a picture! but for all those cynics who think Social Networking is a waste of time read on.  Of course children, I had met up with 2 members of the party previously and the remainder were their friends and relatives.

The journey began with a 5:oo am start and short drive to Mel Anderson’s house (a quick introduction to her lovely sister Justine) and a trip down to Luton Parkway listening to the lovely Caro emerald (who would have thought that the exit was on the same floor as the car hey Mel?) then train to Gatwick  (when we eventually decided to wait on the right platform,enough said, you know who you are) with all the poor sad people going to work (what is it about London Commuting that sucks the soul and manners out of people?) and at last! the airport and tweetup with Tia Lush and new friend Amanda Crowther.  Trolley bags in convoy (no hold luggage to maximise exit times) we were off!! well as far as Duty Free to start with, I needed new Sunglasses.  After a short flight (note to self..Don’t sit next to Justine on a flight,very nervous flier poor girl, Mel still has the bruises!)

Landing in 32C heat we had then to catch transfer bus to other terminal (a mile away! + mad Italian driver = several queasy passengers), a double decker train (very novel), and Metro into Milan City Centre..  and meet up with last member of group the lovely  Sharn Gill , Oh and I managed to shop in the Metro station for a top to go with the Little Red Skirt I picked up for a song last week but had nothing to go with it!

(Never did wear it, the beads flew off the neckline all round Hotel bedroom!)

A very long hot day, we all needed showers and I was last in.  Now, if you see a pull cord in a bathroom with no notice on it, what are you going to do? yes, I did… 5 mins later irate hotel man asking who was in dire peril as the warning light was flashing behind reception?!  OOps!  Mel then asked him for ice (well while he was there may as well make himself useful) showing him the Champagne she had wrestled from Duty Free, which rolled out the fridge taking the wobbly shelf with it which promptly shattered  “50 Euros Signora” he barked (Not on your Nelly we thought!) oh and the air conditioning was a cold radiator!

Rested, we headed out for dinner, Sharn had already been out for a walk and picked out a bag for closer inspection.  We headed for the main square and the beautiful Duomo  and surrounding Arcade for dinner

Day 2 was reserved for shopping, and lots of it! Surprisingly there was a good mixture of price ranges on the Main Buenos Aires shopping street, from the expected high end designer shops to cheap and cheerful which still somehow had more style than in Britain. Hats, dresses and Handbags were bought  and a lovely lunch in a ‘buy by the kilo’ pizza deli type shop.

Siesta, then off for early pre show dinner.  The stadium was a typical football venue, with, shall we say, “basic” rest room facilities (So glad I didn’t need them)   Pet Shop Boys were already on stage when we arrived

As half the nation over 30 have been to this show somewhere in Europe you’ll forgive the lack of photos as you know what it looked like.  I was never a Take That fan in the Boy Band days but loved Robbie’s solo years and that was the highlight of the show for me.  He is such a modest, shy retiring young man you can’t help but love him.  Can you believe that the woman sat behind us complained when we stood up to dance?  Oh and it managed to rain for 10 minutes during the set luckily we were under cover, it didn’t make it any cooler though.

My outfit for the concert was the first dress I have made in years.  Having recently begun to shed some weight (1 and 3/4 stone to date) I have rediscovered an interest in clothes and I ran this little number up, Lovely simple pattern that I adapted with the help of Lycra to not need a zip !

After the concert 78,000 people tried to get into the nearest Metro Station for what we later realised was the last train!  Luckily we made it on (see Tia’s facebook comments about my ‘original Bums Rush’)and had to walk the last bit back to the hotel, well planned Italian Infrastructure! And so to bed for all of 2 hours sleep (non for  poor Sharn who had an even earlier flight home) before very expensive taxi to airport and home. Oh and we didn’t pay for the fridge shelf!

Here are the girls (sorry Sharn don’t know where you were when I took this)

Left to right Justine, Tia, Mel and Amanda, thanks girls for a lovely, hilarious, jam packed few days.  So where next then? you see I’ve finished the Weekender bag I had planned to take (so glad I went with wheels now, all those stairs and escalator!)  and it needs an outing all of its own.

Want one? Let me know:)

Pattern used with kind permission of Lisa Lam of U-handbag.com  X


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thingswemake.co.uk
    Jul 22, 2011 @ 16:05:19

    Sounds like you had a fab and hectic time! Great stuff!


  2. whoatemycrayons
    Jul 22, 2011 @ 19:33:54

    Brings back lovely memories. Hectic is the right word to describe our trip. Thank you for being so much fun and making it all a real adventure. x


  3. Mhairi Wild
    Jul 22, 2011 @ 19:58:54

    WOW! You guys really packed it in…..what an adventure. I love the dress that you made for the concert. The fabric is gorgeous. I will be in touch about the bag. X


  4. talesfromivycottage
    Jul 22, 2011 @ 20:42:39

    Thanks Tia, wouldn’t have happened if not for you. x


  5. gabsbuckingham
    Jul 23, 2011 @ 21:08:12

    And you MADE that bag – brilliant work… could be just what I need;)
    I’t sounds like a Carry On film x


  6. louise
    Jul 23, 2011 @ 21:38:35

    what a great read – sounds like a blast!! cant wait for the next instalment – where to next?


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