My ‘Other’ job

Those who follow me on twitter will have heard me mention that I’ve been putting in a few hours at my part time job at my family’s nursery.  As it was also my dear Dad’s 80th Birthday this week I thought I would share a few pictures with you.

The nursery is set within the original walled garden of the Meynell Family estate between Kirk Langley and Kedleston, in fact the estate sits back to back with Kedleston Hall. My Granddad originally took over the nursery when it was still very much geared to supplying the ‘big house’ but over the years and under my Dad’s guidance it became a market garden supplying fresh salad produce and cut flowers to Derby’s wholesale market. The business expanded into bedding plants ,shrubs,and perennials all grown on the premises and we now grow innumerable varieties in every colour of the rainbow and we refill over a thousand customers hanging baskets each year so we must do something right.  Today the business is shared between my brother and my parents who both still work full time.

So the season for me starts around the end of  March and with a little luck I get to see our lovely ancient peach trees in full blossom,   the bees have to be out early to pollinate and so far its looking like we shall have fresh peaches again this year.

Beautiful meconopsis betonicifolia Himalayan Blue Poppy, one of the first shows of colours in the perennials.

The shrub area showing the original Victorian garden wall with the Gardeners cottage built into it, nothing like living over the job.

Dad’s birthday coffee break, a well earned sit down and traditional cream cake coffee break! He got lots of cards and a extraordinary meeting of the East Midlands Growers group who came for a scheduled ‘walk round’ my brothers trials garden and to wish him a happy birthday (another post I think)

Coffee breaks are usually more like this!

my two spaniels and their ‘cousins’

Today was my first day doing basket refills….

…my bench with all my plants conveniently to hand and the recycled fibre lining we use..

and my first effort of the year, hopefully I’ll remember to take another picture when it’s established in a couple of weeks.

We put over 25 plants in a standard 14″ basket, plenty of colour for the entire summer..

To sign off, I painted this little watercolour of the garden wall you can see in the above picture for my Dad for his birthday.  I had an old photo of the border full of self sown Foxgloves one of my favourite flowers..

If you want to visit the nursery here is the website, they are open 7 days a week April, May and June 8:30 to 5:00 Monday through Saturday, 10:00 to 4:00 on Sunday’s.  Say hi if your visiting, I’d say tweet me but the one downside of the beautiful location is no 3G signal.