Paper Play today

I have tried all manner of crafts over the years, but the only one I have never bonded with is card making.  Even so I have amassed many papers and stamps over the years that sit idly berating me for lack of use.  I cannot resist the beautifully co-ordinated packs of papers.  Today I had a brain wave, rather than use the papers for card making (which I will leave to those who do it so much better than I), I would “model” with the paper. a little research and a stencil template and voila!!  (I confess I did have to buy yet more papers.. just in case! )

Paper Cup Cakes

Paper Cup Cakes

Cup Cakes

Cup Cakes 2



I have been hearing a green woodpecker ‘laughing’ in my garden in the last week, today I spotted him clinging to a tree being watched by one of my many cats.  Its a poor picture but I was on maximum zoom through a window

Not two minutes later the daft bird flew to the ground and the cat nearly got it.   Luckily it got away, wonder if it will come back?